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WASHTO 2017 ALASKA Host Committee

Front row, left to right-
1.    Ryan Anderson, P.E. Northern Region Director
2.    Bill Anker, Information Systems and Services Division Director
3.    Amanda Holland, Administrative Services Division Director
4.    Dave Kemp, P.E., PMP Central Region Director
5.    Diana Rotkis, Central Region Deputy Director
6.    Mike Lesmann, Legislative Liaison

Back Row, left to right-
1.    Mike Coffey, Southcoast Region Director and Statewide Maintenance and Operations
2.    Lance Mearig, P.E. Chief Engineer, Statewide Design & Engineering Services
3.    Marc Luiken, C.M. Commissioner Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
4.    Steve Hatter, Deputy Commissioner
5.    Craig Holt, Director of Business Development at Outlook Associates (keynote speaker for WASHTO 2017 ALASKA)
6.    Mike Vigue, Program Development Director
7.    John Binder III, Deputy Commissioner
8.    Michael Neussl, Deputy Commissioner

WASHTO 2017 ALASKA – Host Committee members not pictured in this photo are:
1.    Meadow Bailey, Northern Region Public Information Officer
2.    Mark Davis, Strategic Planning and Shared Services Director